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🔧 Dota 2: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! (2018 UPDATE)

Dota 2: 2018 Update FPS increase guide, Better fps & Less Lag! on Low end, High, and Mid Range! Lets try for 500+ Likes!

Настройки доты, как у про игроков! Miracle-, Dendi, MidOne, and No[o]ne settings.

Надеюсь данный ролик будет вам полезен, и вы влепите ему жирный лайк! Спонсор ролика: com/ ...

Arteezy graphics options and health bar 2019 !!!

Dota2 ARTEEZY CONSOLE COMMAND : dota_health_hurt_threshold 99999; dota_health_hurt_decay_time_max 0; ...

INSTANTLY Increase Your Winrate with These 5 Settings - Pro Tips for PERFECT Hotkeys | Dota 2 Guide

In this Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers 5 simple tweaks you can make to your interface options, gameplay settings and ...

Miracle- Dota2 Settings

choose one and gl,hf.


Спасибо за просмотр,надеюсь вы нашли для себя новые настройки которые помогут вам побеждать и поднимат

Pro Players Hotkeys Settings | Dota 2 Guide

Download the Upcomer eSports app to always stay updated on your favorite eSports, teams and players: ▻ Android ...

Autoexec for Dota 2 Guide | NEW 2019

This video shows how to set up an autoexec cfg file for Dota 2.

DOTA 2 Optimization for low end pc/laptop 2020

Im helping you guys to get better fps in dota 2 with a potato laptops or pc, it boost your pc performance without gpu. Watch the ...

Best Launch Options to Optimize Dota 2

The best launch options for Dota 2 to optimize the game on your system. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Launch ...

Sumiya Invoker HotKeys Setting 🙂Sumiya Facecam Invoker Stream Moments #75 Dota 2

This Channel is authorized by Sumiya. So it's official I will try my best to translate the voice chat. Sumiya, 1 of the Best Invoker in ...

Dota 2 - Best Launch Options for Performance & Optimization

A short tutorial about best launch options for Dota 2 to improve your overall performance and optimize the game to your liking.

Dota 2: Setting up Your AutoExec.cfg File

A more current guide to your autoexec

Как создать cfg в Dota 2? Быстрая потеря ХП, бинд на дисконнект

dota_health_hurt_decay_time_max 0 dota_health_hurt_decay_time_min 0 dota_health_hurt_delay 0 dota_pain_decay 0 ...


Приветствую тебя, дружище. Это мое новое видео. В котором я разобрал настройки и рассказал по какому при

Permanent Console Commands! (Dota 2 - Autoexec.cfg)

Hey guys, this clip explains the autoexec